I had always felt a creative urge to sketch different types of handbags of all shapes and sizes. I would have these ideas in my head and imagined how it would look on different types of women and what impact it would make to them. Sketching was and is my outlet. Fashion to me is a form of expressing individuality and that is what I want to portray with my products. 

Why was I drawn to design handbags? 

 I feel that handbags should not be a boring utility. Their purpose should not only be practical but to also add a personalised essence in transforming your entire look. I want to design to meet authenticity and make women feel empowered and unstoppable. 


Untame is an online accessories brand which offers statement pieces in the form of fierce and bold handbags and to expand in producing other types of accessories in the future. The handbags range from clutches, bag belts, cross body bags and etc.

UNTAME is for the woman who wants to make a statement. 

UNTAME is for the woman who never asks for permission to express herself.

UNTAME is for the woman who is constantly on the move because she wants to live her life to the fullest. 

Styling an UNTAME handbag is about creating a positively reinforcing feedback loop between the way one feels and the way one looks. All the handbags are designed by myself and the materials are specifically chosen based on the attention to detail. 

Welcome to UNTAME. Join us on this journey of creativity and celebrating women empowerment.